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Parkersburg City Council District 2


I am running to represent all citizens in Parkersburg, especially District 2, in South Parkersburg. I bring 35+ years of business experience in local businesses, 10+ years with non-profit organizations, and a passion for helping and lifting others.


I grew up in a poor neighborhood in East Parkersburg, the daughter of a single mother, and I learned very early that if you wanted to get out of that neighborhood, you had to work hard and dream big. I graduated from Parkersburg High School and went on to graduate from West Virginia University. 

I want to build bridges between individuals, community groups, and the City to produce common-sense solutions to the many challenges our community faces. Everyone’s voice should be heard, and I want to represent those voices.
We may not agree on every issue, but I look forward to working with other council members to move Parkersburg forward. 

I have been vocal during many Public Forums in the last several years at Parkersburg City Council meetings, speaking out on equality issues, and standing up for low-income individuals and families, including a few city workers who currently earn less than the Federal Poverty guidelines. Since my retirement from Public Debt, I have volunteered with several nonprofit organizations, including The Circles Campaign of the MOV, who has worked tirelessly to eliminate poverty in our community.

I have also participated in many public forums on topics including, but not limited to, homeless issues, the proposed Recreation Center at City Park, annual budget hearings, and Building Code Enforcement meetings, and I have built relationships with City employees along the way. I also serve as the current Treasurer of the Wood County Democratic Executive Committee. 

I will use my almost 40 years of accounting experience in the office of City Councilor for District 2 to ensure that your tax dollars are spent responsibly. Our city is in critical need of affordable housing for all socio-economic groups. I want to look closely at what the Development office has accomplished in bridging this need, but also what has not worked, and if it is possible to improve the programs to increase the outcomes. I will also encourage local citizens, nonprofit organizations, and developers to share ideas as to how we can increase the number of housing units in our city. 

I have proudly been endorsed by the Parkersburg Area Labor Council AFL-CIO, WV Can't Wait, the Parkersburg-Marietta Building Trades Council, and the American Federation of Teachers. Wood County. 

I spend my leisure time working in my yard, helping my neighbors with their yardwork, and hanging out with friends. I enjoy live music concerts, especially music in the City Park, and other community events, such as Homecoming, the Sternwheel Festival and the Taste of Parkersburg, where I have volunteered for about 15 years.  

I can be reached by email at My campaign page is on Facebook, as "Se Waybright for Pksbg District 2". If you want to help, donations can be made via Act Blue under Sue Ellen Waybright, or mailing a check to Waybright4District2, PO Box 383, Parkersburg, WV 26102.

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