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Parkersburg City Council District 9

Proudly Endorsed By


Jeff was born in Parkersburg and raised in District 9. He attended Emerson Elementary, Hamilton Jr. High, and graduated from Parkersburg High School. He earned degrees from West Virginia Institute of Technology and WVU-Parkersburg.

Jeff is a 35+ year member of IBEW Local 968 in Parkersburg. Over the years he’s worked on many area jobs including hospitals, government buildings, schools, industrial sites, solar panel installs and many other jobs that were also important to our community and our local economy.

Jeff served his local union as Recording Secretary, President, Financial Secretary, Business Manager, pension trustee, organizing trainer and other roles. He was responsible for contract negotiation, healthcare, retirement benefits, budgets, training, dispute solving,and other issues while serving members and retirees.


Jeff’s union work experience was invaluable while dealing with council issues during his first term. He served on committees for Public Works, Budget, Finance, Personnel, Stormwater Remediation, Youth Advisory and more. He enjoys serving the citizens of District 9 and he had a perfect attendance record for Regular and Committee meetings. Jeff is always ready to come look at any issue and is not afraid to get his boots or his hands dirty in trying to solve a problem.

Jeff is excited to get back to work for his constituents in District 9 and everyone in Parkersburg. He will focus on aging infrastructure including needed improvements to our streets, sidewalks and stormwater remediation. He’ll work to help remove or fix blighted structures and address overgrown vegetation and trees. He’ll build local partnerships to renovate existing properties and to help provide paths to homeownership.

Jeff wants to enhance our parks system and recreational opportunities for everyone, including youth, seniors and people with disabilities. He’ll support athletic, learning and cultural opportunities for all. Jeff understands the importance of maintaining modern fire and police departments to protect our city. And he wants to network with residents about safety concerns and crime issues.

Jeff will encourage development that creates good paying jobs which include solid benefits including efforts to retain and attract recent graduates and skilled workers. He supports trades based vocational opportunities for area students (and others) as a means to grow lifetime career opportunities, strengthen drug/addiction deterrence and invigorate our local economy.

Jeff will work for diligent spending within each budget, to find cost savings, ensure accountability & transparency and increase our city’s overall energy efficiency.

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