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Parkersburg City Council District 4

Proudly Endorsed By

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Wendy Tuck is running for her second term on the Parkersburg (WV) City Council, representing District 4. This District has about 3000 residents, two bridges, the CSX railroad, and three US and WV highways which are major corridors into the city. It is home to some of the largest car dealerships in town and has multiple restaurants, grocery and retail stores, churches, and other commercial enterprises. It is enriched by the presence of many non-profit and educational institutions, and has one of the widest diversities of income, homes, physical and mental abilities, political affiliations, sobriety, age, race, and gender identity.


And it has more than its share of problems. Tuck has tackled many of them, both in the Council Chambers and on the streets. One of her top priorities was to make local government more transparent and accountable to the community. She’s done this through almost thirty town halls and community meetings, a newsletter delivered to 1600 residents three times a year, live-streaming council meetings, and holding “Office Hours” twice weekly at local restaurants.


She has been engaged in many community collaborations to address housing, substance abuse, poverty, child abuse, and to have really fun block parties and festivals. She has gotten street safety signage, identified blighted and unsafe homes for demolition, secured repairs to grates, curbs, streets and sidewalks, the removal of trees, and organized at least eleven community clean-ups. She arranged for public hearings on $22 million of ARPA funds, supported non-profits, infrastructure, and the finishing of the Parkersburg Ohio River Trail. She has brought over $8000 in outside grants into her community for a variety of projects. She has organized three neighborhood associations so that District 4 will have a voice and an organized presence in city politics into the future.


She has been endorsed by WV Can’t Wait, the Parkersburg Area Labor Council, and Parkersburg Firefighters Local 91.


She is married to Steve Tuck, retired CEO of Children’s Home Society of WV, and they have three grown children and three grandchildren. She has her MA in Special Education and has lived in District 4 for over 42 years. In her spare time, she goes mudding in her neighbor’s Side-by-Side, plants gardens and cans vegetables, listens to wind chimes, and does what she can, honestly and respectfully, without fear or favor.

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