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Parkersburg City Council District 7

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My name is Sonya Ashby. I am NOT a politician! So why am I running for City Council? Because as a veteran teacher, I know that environment is a key factor in student success. If I don’t make my classroom a place where students are comfortable, they will not thrive, learn, and grow.


The City of Parkersburg is OUR environment, and our environment is growing stagnant. How many empty buildings do we see that used to hold thriving businesses? How many people have left our city because they cannot find a job here; or if they do have a job, they don’t have a reliable way to get there or a safe, affordable place to call home? We as a city need to fix our environment. We need to have clean, paved streets, ample parking, reliable and affordable public transportation, and good access to health care. A good environment will attract businesses to Parkersburg and attract people to work in those businesses.


Another key to a successful classroom environment is transparency. Students need to know exactly how they will be graded. By the same token, city government needs to be transparent. The city website should be easier to navigate. I know that if elected as your representative, I would need to return emails and phone calls from constituents and address your concerns in a timely manner.


No classroom environment is complete without some fun! One of the things we all learned from the COVID pandemic is that life is more than work. We need an environment that allows families to spend quality time together and have fun in a place that is safe! To that end, we need to ensure that our police and firefighters have the tools they need to keep our city safe. We need to have more events and volunteer opportunities so we can socialize again and rebuild our sense of community. The City of Parkersburg is our environment. If we build a supportive environment, then our city can thrive!

I was born in Wood County, grew up in Wood County and have spent the last 17 years as a teacher in Wood County. I am currently serving on the board of the Parkersburg Wood County Library. I am the Vice President of AFT Wood County where I have spent many years advocating for my students and colleagues. I have also previously served on the board of the Actors Guild of Parkersburg and held many leadership positions in the Wood County School system.


As a resident of Parkersburg City Council District 7, I am committed to delivering results for our community. My passion for public service and dedication to improving the lives of those around me has driven me to run for City Council District 7. I believe that by working together, we can create a brighter future for our families and our community. Join me in this journey towards a better Parkersburg. This is the place to learn about my platform and my vision for the community. Together, we can empower each other and make Parkersburg a better place to live, work, and raise a family. Let's create change together!

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