Simon Hargus

Candidate for West Virginia State Senate District 03

Simon Hargus is the owner and operator of First Settlement Physical Therapy with over 130 employees. He took over his family’s business 5 years ago and was able to double its size in that time. He is the proud father of 2-year-old Saul Hargus and loving husband to his wife Lisa Hargus who he met in college at Ohio University. They currently live in North Hills.

Simon has a doctorate in physical therapy and a MBA in healthcare administration. He is a product of Wood County schools, which he attended from kindergarten until graduation from Parkersburg High School. He moved to the Parkersburg from North Carolina when he was 4 years old. His father is from North Carolina and his mother is from Mumbai, India. The family moved to Parkersburg from North Carolina when Simon was 4 years old.

During college, Simon volunteered on various political campaigns, eventually becoming a field organizer for Athens County on 2008. In this position he spent his time registering voters, training volunteers, and running get out the vote campaigns.

 Simon describes himself as a Pro-union, Medicare-for-all, Living Wage Democrat.

Simon has decided to run for office because he doesn’t think we can solve real problems unless we put the politics of division aside. West Virginia’s sense of community is what he loves the most about calling our state home. He is lucky enough to still know the people he grew up with and call them his family, friends, and neighbors. It breaks his heart to see neighbors pitted against neighbors over political talking points that have nothing to do with sustainable solutions. He believes that the moment we start seeing people as ‘others’ instead of neighbors is the moment we lose our greatest strength - each other.


Simon Hargus believes in reinforcing our community so people want to stay here and want to move here. Adequately supporting our public employees, having 21st century classes in our community colleges, protecting our environment, and getting rural high-speed internet should be the first steps in a serious statewide economic and jobs program, not the afterthoughts.

Simon is for increasing teacher pay through an increase in the oil and gas severance tax. He is strong supporter of individual property rights, as well as community colleges and universities. 


Simon Hargus at the 2018 Blue Wave Dinner


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